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Why Hemp?

The Roots Movement is a lifestyle brand dedicated to educating people about hemp and its remarkable properties. We intend to create awareness of the plant and showcase its sustainability, strength, comfort and versatility as a fabric and its potential to replace harmful and unsustainable materials currently being used by the fast fashion industry.

The tensile strength of hemp fabric is four times that of cotton. It regulates your body temperature incredibly well and softens with each wear and wash. It absorbs harmful UV rays and its natural anti-microbial properties prevent odours.

There are over 25000 uses for the hemp plant and it has the ability to disrupt large, environmentally damaging industries. In the near future you will be able to wear clothes made from hemp, live in a fireproof hemp house, consume the nutritious hemp seeds, treat ailments with its medicinal cannabidiol (CBD), drive a car made from hemp biocomposites that runs on hemp biofuel and reduce your waste production by choosing biodegradable hemp plastics and packaging.

Growing the hemp plant requires half the amount of water and produces up to 200% more fibre per hectare compared to cotton and is grown herbicide, pesticide and fertiliser free making it truly organic. The demand for hemp is growing and so is the number of countries legalising its growth and processing due to humanities desperate need to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet and find sustainable alternatives.

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